We will host a variety of events for you to learn about Artificial Intelligence. Our first event will be from an AI4All Alumnus on November 20, 2020!

talk on 11/17/2020: “Introduction to AI presentation” By Karly Hou, Harvard CS student

Karly Hou is currently a sophomore at Harvard University studying Computer Science, Mathematics, and Economics
She started and runs an online education platform serving 12k+ students from all 50 states and 62 countries and territories in response to educational inequities exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic shutting down schools and community programs. 

talk on 12/11/2020: “Anyone Can Do Machine Learning” by Christopher Fifty, Google brain researcher

Per speaker’s request, the recorded video is not uploaded to YouTube.

Graduated from Computer Science in Cornel University, Christopher Fifty is currently a researcher in Google brain lab.

talk on 2/13/2021: “Robotics Manipulation” by Professor Matthew Mason from CMU CS department


Professor Matthew Mason started in AI at MIT as an undergraduate and specialized in robotics as a grad student.  Since finishing his PhD at MIT he has been a Professor at Carnegie Mellon University in Computer Science and Robotics, and was the director of the Robotics Institute for ten years. Since 2014 he has spent part of his time as Chief Scientist at Berkshire Grey.

talk on 3/13/2021: “The Future of AI and Music” by Professor Roger Dannenberg from CMU CS department

Roger Dannenberg is an Emeritus Professor of Computer Science, Art & Music at Carnegie Mellon University, where he also received a Ph.D. in Computer Science. He is internationally known for his research in the field of computer music. His current work includes research on performances integrating computers and live musicians, high-level languages for sound synthesis, and automatic music generation. The SmartMusic system based on his computer accompaniment research is used by music students around the world. He also co-created Audacity, an audio editor used by hundreds of millions.

Prof. Dannenberg is also a trumpet player and composer, having performed in concert halls ranging from the historic Apollo Theater in Harlem to the modern Espace de Projection at IRCAM in Paris.  Dannenberg’s opera, La Mare dels Peixos, co-composed with Jorge Sastre, premiered in 2016, and Dannenberg produced and premiered the English translation, The Mother of Fishes, in 2020.

Talk on 4/10/2021: “Relevance of AI & Inspirit AI” By Emily Wong, Stanford graduate student

Emily Wong is a junior at Stanford studying Mechanical Engineering and Modern Languages. She was drawn to Artificial Intelligence because of its applications in the environmental field, and have used AI in her research studying direct conversion of methane to methanol through photocatalysis and remote tracking of penguins.

Talk on 6/27/2021: “Robots that Work With Humans” by Asst. Professor Vaibhav Unhelkar at Rice University

Vaibhav Unhelkar is an assistant professor of computer science at Rice University, where he leads a research group on human-centered artificial intelligence. His contributions have featured in highly selective academic venues and, in collaboration with industry partners, resulted in novel robotic systems. He received his doctorate in autonomous systems from MIT. Before joining Rice, Unhelkar worked as a researcher at X the Moonshot Factory (formerly, Google X).

Talk on 9/26/2021: “Digitizing Physical Intelligence” by Asst. Professor Srinath Sridhar at Brown University

Srinath Sridhar ( is an assistant professor of computer science at Brown University. His research interests are in 3D computer vision and machine learning. Specifically, he focuses on visual understanding of 3D human physical interactions with applications ranging from robotics to mixed reality and HCI. He has won several fellowships (e.g., Google Research Scholar) and awards (e.g., Eurographics Best Paper Honorable Mention) for his work, and has previously spent time at Stanford, Max Planck Institute for Informatics, Microsoft Research Redmond, and Honda Research Institute.

Talk on 2/04/2022: “blockchain and NFT” by Leo Chen, former development manager at Amazon

Leo Chen( led a team of 8 engineers at Amazon Web Services. There he built high-throughput storage virtualization for more than 200k EC2 instances. At Amazon Lab126, Leo built the first generation of Kindle Fire and architected FireOS for all Amazon devices. At Ericsson and Broadcom he worked on their Linux kernel, embedded systems, and large-scale distributed systems.

Talk on 4/07/2022: “data processing steps to get ready for machine learning” by Otto Stegmaier

Per speaker request, this talk was not recorded.

Otto Stegmaier is a Software Engineer at Google. He currently works on research to improve Voice Query understanding across several products including Youtube Search and the Google Assistant. Prior to Google Otto worked at Fitbit as a data scientist and spent 5 years in the US Marines as an Infantry Officer. Otto studied economics at Harvard University and currently lives in Montara with his wife and golden retriever Henry.